Friday, May 22, 2009


with this theme of procrastination and neglect,
it has, again, been sometime since i've updated this bullshit.

...if only i had an iphone. HA!

again, a lot has changed since i last made a post, but for the good.
i myself have changed as a person dramatically and i like the direction i've pointed myself in and where im headed. i feel like the future has a lot to offer me and only no have i begun to do the right instead of the wrong.
as of now im broke as a joke living in bellingham.
my job offers little hours so im moving back in with the 'rents to help save some change for myself instead of dedicating ever cent of each paycheck to rent and bills.
hopefully by august i will be living in seattle with a full time job and focusing on mainly on my art and on building myself a portfolio.
i've really pissed away a lot of my time i could have been using to further myself towards a career but am getting serious now.
in the mean time, while making the change of living, i will be making random updates on art and what not i have been doing in my spare time.

until next time.

chris miller

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


this blog is about commitment.
and how chris miller has none.
only weeks (sometimes months) do i go without realizing i haven't updated my stupid blog.
no commitment to my blog. shameful, it is.

then i go into a "realization fit" and start realizing all these other reasons for not updating my blog.
i dont have internet at my house.
then i lost my chord for uploading pictures to my laptop, which wouldn't do much good concidering the fact that I DON'T HAVE INTERNET AT MY HOUSE! (i'm at the parents house for christmas, thats how i am doing this, dummy)
then once i realize my chord has just been hidden behind a pile of garbage and KY lube on my floor, i go and break my camera at the bob's burgers christmas work party.
a story behind how i broke it? i can't be 100% on that, but my manager tells me i threw a fastball with my reasonably new (not to mention 350 dollar) camera whilst yelling for her to take a picture of me.
the lense was bent and stuck open so it wouldn't let me turn it on.
so after a few free drinks at my work, i start to pull the lense apart into tiny pieces and for some reason after doing this it decides to start working again. so now i have my chord and camera back in action, BUT STILL NO INTERNET!

sorry, this blog was made just to fill space and to make my self feel like i didnt completely neglect 'the blog'.

merry christmas.

i wonder how many goodies i would get if there were three categories on santa's list....naughty, nice, and drunk?

i guess this means im off the wagon.

have a happy new years as well.

chris miller

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

chris miller out of commission?

thats the word going around these days.
some of you may know and some may not but i've been battling an ulcer for some time now and it's finally caught up to me.
going to be taking it easy for a few months now and give it some time to heal a bit before i go and have another go at it.
that means a few months without seeing your favorite whiskey drunk wandering the streets at night.
how ironic. i'm finally of age to do this in public establishments, and now i have to go on hiatus.
well you'll know what to expect when i plan on returning to the scene.

much <3,
christopher "weekend warrior" miller

Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm in texas at the moment and about to begin celebrating halloween along with my 21st birthday. Shit is about to stink real bad. Updates with photos and videos to follow soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


laura doin acoustic gg allin.
rowdy beer drinkin night...performed overseas.

I do what i want

and what i want to do is grow a mustache.